İngilis Dili Sınaq İmtahanı

Xəbərin Davamında İngilis Dilindən Olan Test Tapşırıqlarını İşləyə bilərsiniz.

1. Choose the correct variant.
 He was … for 3 days after the accident.
A) humanless          B) understandable
C) careless               D) unconscious
E) useful

2.     Choose the suffix which forms adjective from the word “president”
A) – ial                    B) – ful                    C) – ible
D) – ity                    E) – ly

3.     Choose the synonym to the underlined word.
         Simple food will never do you any harm.
A) plain                   B) easy                    C) sensible
D) clear                    E) perfect

4.     Choose the correct variant.
1.  to make a phone call
2.  to make a will
3.  to do the room
4.  to do one’s mind
5.  to make a translation
A) 1, 3, 5                   B) 2, 4                     C) 1, 4
D) 3, 5                       E) 1, 2, 3

5.     Make up a sentence
1. don’t       2. where      3. get      4. I      5. from   
6. know       7. it             8. they

A) 1, 3, 7, 2, 8, 4, 5, 6
B) 4, 1, 6, 2, 8, 3, 7, 5
C) 3, 7, 5, 8, 4, 1, 6, 2
D) 8, 1, 6, 2, 4, 3, 5, 7
E) 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 3, 1, 5

6.     Choose the correct pronoun.
       I asked if … wanted an ice-cream, but … did, so
       I just bought one for myself.
A) anybody, nobody
B) everyone, somebody
C) nobody, nothing
D) someone, anybody
E) everybody, all

7.     Choose the correct prepositions.
       I saw no sign … envy … her eyes.
A) on, at             B) off, on          C) with, at
D) of, in             E) for, in

8.     Complete the dialogue.
-    You still owe me ten pounds.
           Have you forgotten?
-    … …
A)  How much does it cost?
B)  Yes, it is in the bathroom.
C)  You can have it for nothing.
D)  I change twenty pounds an hour.
E)   I’m sorry, I am going to give it back

9.     Choose the correct translation.
       Bir vaxtlar bu küçədə kinoteatr var idi.
A)  The cinema situated in this street.
B)  There is situated a cinema in this street.
C)  Once upon a time there was a cinema situating
     in this street.
D)  There had been a cinema in the street once.
E)   There used to be a cinema in this street.

10.     Choose the correct tense form.
       Where have you been? I … for forty minutes!
A) waited                 B) have been waiting
C) had waited          D) was waiting
E) will be waiting

11.     Choose the correct articles.
        It was … wonderful day: … sky was blue, … sun 
        was shining, … sea looked warm and calm.
A) a, -, -, -               B) -, the, the, a
C) a, a, a, a              D) the, a, the, -
E) a, the, the, the

12.     Choose the correct modal verb.
       You … see the picture once and you’ll remember it 
       for the rest of your life.
A) mustn’t               B) have to
C) could                  D) had to
E) shouldn’t

13.     Complete the sentence.
       Simon didn’t become an academic because ….
A)  he was impressed.
B)  he had a brilliant brain
C)  he was very intelligent
D)  he couldn’t find a job
E)   he didn’t get a very good degree.

14.     Choose the sentence logically correct.
       If you turn over one or two pages ….
A)  you’d better strike a match
B)   take it easy
C)   it will took you a whole year
D)  you’ll find the sentence you need
E)   there is nothing to worry about

15.     Choose the correct exclamatory sentence.
A)  How good-looking, witty and charming man he
B)  How stupid girl is that!
C)  What a moderate politics they have!
D)  How glad I am!
E)   What a brave man is!

        Read the following text and answer questions 91-95

In 2002 Steve Fossett became the first man to fly a balloon solo non-stop around the world. The millionaire adventurer had made six previous attempts on the record, but had been very unfortunate. In 1998 he had a lucky escape when his balloon plunged 8,700 metres into the sea. “It was rather terrifying and I was deeply disappointed”, said Fossett afterwards. This time, after leaving the Australian town, the 58-year-old American covered more than 19.000 miles in 13 days. He experienced some frightening  moments, especially over the Andes, where it was extremely difficult to keep the balloon stable. Fossett was utterly exhausted after the light, but speaking by satellite phone shortly after landing in Australia, he said, “it is a simply wonderful time for me. Finally after six flights I have succeeded.”

16. Which of the following is not true?
A) Steve Fosset used a satellite phone for
B) He didn’t have any troubles during the flight .
C) He made his flight with a balloon.
D) The year of 1998 was the most unsuccessful for
E) Steve Fossett is an American

17. In this text what does solo  mean?
A) Steve Fossett was a singer
B) Steve Fossett flew alone
C) Steve Fossett took a musician with him
D) Steve Fossett liked instrumental music
E) Steve Fossett arranged a solo concert after the flight

18. Which of the following is correct about Steve Fossett?
A) He was a millionaire
B) He made ten attempts on the record
C) He flew over the Andes without any trouble
D) He was thirty when he first started for the flight
E) He was a musician

19. After the successful flight around the world Steve  
      Fossett landed in:
A) America                      B) Andes                     C) Europe
D) Australia                     E) The Pacific Ocean

20. “It was rather terrifying and I was deeply 
        disappointed“ – Steve Fossett noted these words

A) He landed in
B) It was extremely difficult to keep the balloon
C) His balloon plunged 8.700 meters into the sea
D) He finally succeeded in his attempt to fly a balloon
     around the word
E) His second attempt on the record

      Açıq tipli test tapşırıqları ( 96 -100)

21.  Choose the correct  variant.
        She reads a book ...... I gave  her yesterday.

1.        that
2.        who
3.        when
4.        which
5.        whom
6.        where
7.         ---

22.  Choose the correct sentences.

1.        I think these doctors   advice   are very useless.
2.        That  journalist’ s information is better  than you.
3.        They have stayed at the  Brown’ s.
4.        All sorts of furniture  are made  here.
5.        Azerbaijan is famous  for it’ s oil.
6.        Some exercises on physics are  easy  for  me.

23. Choose the correct  variant.
        ........ else knows  about  this terrible accident.

1.        no
2.        many
3.        some
4.        nobody
5.        a lot of
6.        somebody
7.        what

24.  Complete the dialogue.
        --- Yesterday   my father   said me  a lot of facts about the   
              American   T – shirt.
        --- Do you have  any information  about it during  the war 
             European soldiers began  to wear a comfortable cotton 
             undershirt as a part of their  military  uniform.
       --- I read  it somewhere. Don’t  remember. Can you give  
            other information ?
       --- I don’t  know it. Thanks  for informing  me.

1)       really
2)       not at all
3)       T – shirts  have simple design  in the shape  of the letter . T, these  shirts  became know  in the USA, as T shirts.
4)       But American’s  uniform was made  of whool and it felt very hot.

25. Make up a story.

1.        Don’t worry. I can help you the  man said him.
2.        What do you want asks a gentleman coming downstairs.
3.        He rings the bell. Now run! exclaims the boys and runs  away.
4.        I try to ring  but the bell  is too high and I’m  too small.

5.        A little boy  is standing  at the door  of a flat in a big house. He wants to ring the bell. 


  1. 1. D
    2. A
    3. B
    4. E
    5. B
    6. A
    7. D
    8. E
    9. C
    10. B
    11. E
    12. C
    13. E
    14. D
    15. D
    16. B
    17. B
    18. A
    19. D
    20. C
    21. 4, 7
    22. 4, 6
    23. 4, 6
    24. 1, 4, 3, 2
    25. 5, 2, 4, 1, 3

    1. 1 c
      21 143
      22 245
      23 467
      24 4132
      25 52413

  2. 1)D

  3. Düzgün cavablar hardadı beş?

  4. Zəhmət olmazsa, düzgün cavabları paylaşa bilərsiniz?